Austin Limo Rental provides Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals service. When the largest limos are not enough or maybe you need some dance room a Limo or Party bus is what your looking for . Many people will ask “Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals ” what’s the difference ? Well the truth is there are the same thing however they are highly customized so there is a large diversity of styles. Some buses maybe better for Austin night clubs , some wine tours , birthday parties , weddings , or business venture. This is why some would say a limo bus is a higher quality more luxurious tasteful vehicle . This compared to a party bus which could be described as made for the party . In either event we have vehicle for both and everything in between .The variety of party buses / limo buses is unmatched by any one company in Austin . We have been on TV shows and used by the literally 1000s of people throughout the city of Austin. We have very strong relationship with the Austin night life industry. This allows us to offer our groups free entry and no line to clubs ,adult clubs and other selective venues. We are available for quick quotes and limo bus rental 24/7 .

We offer Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals of all sizes , models , colors , for any variety of occasions . Whether it’s a super classy limo bus for a wedding, business event, reunion, holiday rental or a wild night out on the town . Because of the volume of business we do in Austin we can offer our clients wholesale prices to the public. The party buses / limo buses we offer range from the smallest to the largest vehicles allowed by law in California Austin.

Austin Limo Rental is one of the leading Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals services companies when it comes to marketing, technology, and one of the fastest growing limo bus service in the Austin area .

Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals

A quick list of Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals that are commonly booked. We have a large diversity of vehicles available to us and the following are the popular Austin limos rentals. This gives our clients the power to get exactly the style of bus they want for a price they can be happy with . Just make sure to tell us what kind of event your looking to match up the vehicle with and we will be sure to charter you the correct style to correspond


10-20 Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals– We have access to over (30) 15-20 passenger Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals . The 2 most common models are the Lincoln stretch and Chrysler 300 stretch. Both of these limos are great for smaller parties and have all the same amenities as their bigger counter parts .These Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals come in a variety of colors and years so tell us your preference. .

10-15 person .
15-20 person .
20-28 Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals– We have access to over (20) 10-15 Passenger Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals. The buses we do have access to are all vastly different as they are all custom. These buses are great for parties who want to be mobile while in travel if dancing and socializing is your thing our Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals are for you .
20 passenger .
25 passenger .
28 passenger .
30-35 Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals– We have over (30) of the mid sized Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals available to us at any time. You can bring the dance floor with you on these midsized buses. Make sure you bring your party favors everyone will be able to move around and get at them !
30 passenger
35 passenger
35-40 Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals– We have more than 25 of these buses at any given time . The 35-40 person Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals a great for long distance travel or moving a lot of people at once . They are just in the range to feature restrooms and lye down space ! The 35-40 passenger buses are for larger groups where people may or may not RSVP ahead of time this way you can be sure to have enough room for everyone !
35 passenger .
40 passenger .
40-55- Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals – We have between (40-50) to choose from at any given time . the 40-55 person Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals are a mobile club on wheels so bring your dance shoes and party favors ! These giant Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals are for the largest parties beyond this you looking at renting multiple vehicles which we also can help you with !
40 passenger .
50 passenger .
55 passenger .
10-57 passenger charter buses We have a large range of charter bus to fit the non- limo / party bus style . Many times a charter bus is exactly what you need and why pay extra if it’s not appropriate . We have models of all sizes and we recommend these buses for shuttling , long distance and clients looking to be efficient with their dollars .
10 passenger .
15 passenger .
20 passenger .
25 passenger .
30 passenger .
35 passenger .
40 passenger .
50 passenger .
57 passenger .
There is a wide range of quality amongst Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals .important to know if you are just traveling from point “A” to point “B”, hosting a 6 hour Brewery Tour or need to service a wedding .
All Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals are not created equal so don’t always take the lowest price ! ( WE OFFER 3 LEVELS OF SERVICE ) Business class , First Class , Economy .


Up to 25 Passengers capacity on some vehicles.
LCD TVs 15″ Plasma TVs Available Standard on some.
DVD player Standard on most .
CD Sound System Standard .
MP3 Connectivity Standard on most .
Strobe / fiber optic / neon party effects . Standard on most
5th door rear access not standard.
Limo Tinted Windows Standard .
Luxurious Leather Interior Standard .
Air Conditioning Standard .
Refreshment Centers Standard .
Wifi not standard.
DOT certified and approved Standard .
Restrooms .
Dance poles .
Support handles .
Wrap around leather seating .
VIP couches .
Bar .
Karaoke machine .

Limo Bus and Party Bus Services

Air Port limo bus service .
Anniversary limo bus services .
Bachelor Party limo bus services .
Bachelorette limo bus services .
Bar Mitzvah limo .
Brewery tours bus services .
Bridal Event services
Concert limo bus services .
Cruise Port limo bus Services .
Las Vegas Charter bus services .
Night club Entry limo bus services (no line) .
School Event limo bus Services .
Tailgating limobus services .
Quinceanera limo bus Services .

Wine tasting limo bus services .
Wedding limo bus services .
And many more .


Our Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals Reviews are based on customer feedback as well as our own experiences with these vehicles.
Capacity and Comfort 5 out of 5 stars
The Party Buses scores high in the Capacity and Comfort with room to dance , socialize, move around and even sleep if need be .These buses can hold seating room for large groups with room left over for some passengers to dance , socialize and move around all at the same time.The cabin space for the price point this vehicle is the best as low as $7 a person and can hold up to 57 people with room to spare .
Amenities and features 5 out of 5 stars stars
Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals can come loaded with anything your heart adorns . LCDS ,Poles, , CD , Support railing, Under Storage, Fog Machines, Lazar machine, Karaoke Machine, Disco Lighting, DVDS , Leather , Couch Seating , RestroomsAC , Extra doors , Dance floors, Refreshment centers , Lighting systems , xboxes , and more .
Almost anything can be added as a feature to these vehicles and many come boasting the vast majority listed.

Austin Limo Services Discounts

The Following are a list of Austin Limo Service Discounts we offer in addition to transportation.
Because of our many business affiliates we can offer a large range of other discounted services
that might enhance your plans . Take a look at the following and let us know how we can help you .
Bachelor Parties Discounts In Austin .
Bachelorette Parties Discounts in Austin .
Birthdays Discounts in Austin .
Brewery Tasting Discounts in Austin .
Bridal Party Gifts and Favors .
Dinning Discounts in Austin .
Floral, Decor and Environments .
Free Entry to line to clubs In Austin .
Hair and Makeup Artists Discounts In Austin .
Live Entertainment In Austin .
Military Discounts in Austin .
Photography Discounts .
Student Discounts in Austin .
Travel Discounts in Austin .
Tux-Dress Rental Discounts in Austin .
Valet and Parking Services .
Videographers Discounts in Austin .
Weddings Discounts .
Wine Tasting Discounts .
Beautiful view of Austin Party Buses Limo Bus Rentals Features
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